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Along the Danube... on foot

Hiking history and stories from Regensburg to Hungary

Hiking along the Danube offers a picturesque and relaxing experience. The river landscape is characterized by impressive natural beauty, idyllic villages and historic towns. Hikers can explore the diverse flora and fauna along well-marked trails while enjoying the calming effect of the water. The Danube is a true treasure for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

The Limes Hiking Trail at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Limes

The Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes, which marked the border of the Roman Empire between the rivers Rhine and Danube over a distance of 550 km, was harmoniously integrated into the landscape. From about the first century A.D. to the second half of the third century, it separated the Roman provinces of Upper Germania and Raetia from the Germanic territories for about 150 years. An artificial border was created by means of surveillance and barrier structures such as towers, palisades, ditches, ramparts and walls, which were built together with troop accommodation (forts). The course of this impressive ancient borderline offers the opportunity to explore one of the largest cultural trails in Europe in the middle of Germany.

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Schlögener Schlinge in Upper Austria
Upper Austria Schlögener Schlinge (c) WGD Tourismus GmbH Weissenbrunner
The Donausteig simply fabulous...

The Danube Trail, stretches along both banks of the river over a distance of 450 km from Passau via Linz to Grein mainly in Upper Austria. On this route, hikers are confronted with fascinating legendary figures, breathtaking landscapes and unique cultural treasures. It's obvious - the Donausteig is simply impressive!

49 Donausteig rounds are perfect for day trips because you also end back at the starting point.
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Hiking in unique natural scenery - The Wachau World Heritage Trail

The Wachau World Heritage Trail is an impressive 180 km hiking trail along the Danube River in Austria. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and leads through the breathtaking landscape of the Wachau. Along the way, hikers will encounter picturesque vineyards, historic castles and charming villages. The World Heritage Trail offers spectacular views of the Danube River and allows visitors to discover the rich history and culture of this region. With well-marked trails and cozy rest stops, the Wachau World Heritage Trail is a paradise for nature and hiking lovers looking for an unforgettable experience.

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Dürnstein © Danube Lower Austria Steve Haider
Long-distance hiking trail Nibelungengau - Danube life experience

Every journey starts with the first step. Experienced long-distance hikers claim that every further step leads them closer to their true selves. The long-distance hiking trail in the Nibelungengau covers a distance of over 110 kilometers and unfolds its full effect. The Nibelungengau tells a fascinating story and is an exciting destination for adventurers, those seeking peace and quiet, and families. The long-distance hiking trail in the Nibelungengau offers perfectly developed and well-marked paths that offer a perfect balance between relaxing and challenging hiking. Immerse yourself in the lush green nature, the rolling hills and the breathtaking views of the Danube - a real treat for body and soul.

Here you will find long-distance hiking stages, circular routes, sights and much more around the Nibelungengau in Lower Austria.

Kremstal-Danube long distance hiking trail in Lower Austria

Since 2020, the Kremstal-Danube long-distance hiking trail has been attracting hikers around the wine town of Krems. With 15 stages of 4-18 km each and levels of difficulty, the long-distance hiking trail is equally suitable for all nature lovers. For beginners, there are always shortcuts along the route; experienced athletes, on the other hand, have the option of extending individual stages. This way, the tour can be experienced by young and old.

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Walkable Hungary

Various hikes that offer beautiful views of the Danube and the landscapes in Hungary, we have collected here for them. Visit Hungary gives an overview of hikes and national parks on the site.

Hikes on and above the Danube selected by

Margaret Island Budapest
Budapest-Vihar Hill
Budapest Elisabeth Square - Szépjuhászné
Láto Hill Budapest Circuit

Visegrád - Király well saddle - Dobogókö

Other routes in the Komarom-Esztergom region

Visegrád © Hungarian Tourist Office
Visegrád © Hungarian Tourist Office

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The Benedict Pilgrimage Route also runs a stage along the Road of Emperors and Kings.

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