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Experience the road of emperors and kings by bike

Experience the road of emperors and kings by bike

"Nothing compares to the simple joy of riding a bike."
(John F. Kennedy)

Especially the slow travel, the breathing in of the forest air, the standing still and marveling at any time, the straining and being proud of the path you have covered, the feeling of the wind in your hair ... all this makes a bike tour an experience for all senses. Along the Danube, you will also enjoy the pleasures of our many hosts and the magnificent views of the Danube valley, the great European river, and the glimpses and glimpses of the region's great past and future.

The cycling routes are quite well developed along the route from Regensburg to Budapest and well-structured websites, help in planning their trip. Those who prefer to take it easy can also book an organized trip with numerous tour operators, which is prepared ready with luggage transport and accommodation.

A few operators that offer these trips are:
OÖ Touristik
Rad+Reisen Eurocycle
Radweg-Reisen GmbH

Limes cycle path along the German Limes Route

Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site Limes by bike on the German Limes Cycle Route. Over more than 1100 kilometers, it leads past the important Roman stations at the Lower Germanic Limes, the Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes between the Rhine and the Danube, and then the Danube Limes between Regensburg and Passau.

The route offers cultural diversity, can be divided into sections and offers good accommodation and gastronomic offers. The hilly sections challenge the cyclists' sporting ambition, but reward them with unique experiences.

Here you will find everything you need to know about the route, hosts, Roman sites and motorhome pitches.

German Limes Cycle Route: Regensburg to Passau
German Limes Cycle Route: Regensburg to Passau
Cycling Passau Land Danube Germany
Cycling Passau Land (c) Tourism Association of Eastern Bavaria
Cycling in Eastern Bavaria from Regensburg to Passau

The region of Eastern Bavaria offers beautiful cycling routes along the Danube Cycle Path from Regensburg to Passau. The route runs through picturesque landscapes, past historic towns and charming villages. Cyclists can enjoy the beauty of the Danube and its riverside paths while exploring the rich culture and history of the region. The well-maintained bike paths, breathtaking nature and diverse sights make cycling in Eastern Bavaria an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and culture buffs alike.

Maps and information about circular routes, accommodation and hosts can be found here.

More detailed information about the Danube Cycle Path between Regensburg and Passau can be found here.

Also tours along the Danube Cycle Path in the Bavarian thermal region


Danube Cycle Route from Passau to Bratislava

330 kilometers of incomparable cycling pleasure A wealth of experiences awaits you on the Danube Cycle Path: Explore varied landscapes, historic old towns, modern cultural sites, typical regional specialties and the exciting alternation of nature and culture along the Danube, from the border between Bavaria and Upper Austria in Schärding and Passau via Linz and Krems to Vienna!

The Danube Cycle Route runs along the Danube Limes UNESCO World Heritage Site and is part of the Eurovelo 6 route, which starts on the Atlantic coast, crosses France and the German Danube to Austria, and then continues to the Black Sea. With its gentle climbs, it is particularly well suited for families and recreational cyclists. From Passau to Vienna, the route largely stretches along both banks and offers cyclists a varied route with daily highlights.

Here you can find route planning, brochure ordering, for planning your trip the Bike+Bed businesses and great insights into the route - get a taste.

Cyclist in front of Greinburg Castle
Greinburg Castle ©WGD Donau Oberoesterreich Tourismus GmbH Erber
Cycling from Vienna to Budapest

From Vienna to Budapest, you cycle through the former heartland of the Danube monarchy. The 300 km long section of the Danube Cycle Path is much quieter and more idyllic in summer than the classic Danube cycle tour from Passau to Vienna, but also a little more adventurous. The Danube Cycle Path in Slovakia and Hungary is not yet as well developed and signposted as in Germany or Austria. This section therefore requires a little more planning and is only suitable for families with children to a limited extent. However, the scenery and culture along the Danube Cycle Path are well worth preparing for this cycle tour!

The route of the Eurovelo 6 European cycle route from Vienna is described here.

Various tour operators offer the trips organized and give a good overview of the route:

Upper Austria Tourism

Cycle Route Travel Ltd.

Memory list for travel planning
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