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Cultural tours along the Danube

Your journey on the historic cultural route along the Danube impresses with unique landscapes and cultural monuments. Whether by bike, skiff, car or on foot - Europe's second largest river never ceases to surprise. To travel imperially, royally means to treat yourself, to sit on the best seats, to eat in the most beautiful restaurants and to stay in the best hotels. Let us inspire and fascinate you with the noble traditions. Section by section along the Danube get to know the culture of Europe and the world!

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Hiking on the Benediktweg 2023
from Passau to Linz

When hiking, you find more peace in nature again. Thus, a hiking trip is also a journey to oneself. On the Benedict Pilgrimage Way from Passau to Linz with a change of perspective, the route goes from the bishop's city of Passau via venerable monasteries such as Engelszell and Wilhering according to the motto of the Danube region "moved. touched" sometimes close to the river, sometimes through the hilly landscape to places of power with a great view, which give you pause and encourage you to enjoy the here and now.
8 days/7 nights, 130 km (14-25 km/100-800 hm daily)

The Danube - Everything in the river
currently no date

Discovering the Danube from its source to its mouth. A trip organized by ZEIT REISEN in cooperation with Kastler Reisen.

33-day bus tour in a comfortable ZEIT REISEN bus from Ulm to Bucharest.

For thousands of years, Europe's most important river from the Black Forest to the Black Sea has shaped and connected natural areas and people who live on its banks in incomparable cultural, ethnic and religious diversity. This unique living and historical space forms a "Danube Europe", which we want to "experience" in the truest sense of the word on this journey from Ulm to Odessa.

The Danube as the "Road of Emperors and Kings
European cultural history between Regensburg and Mohács.

Bookable for groups on request!

Since Roman antiquity, the Danube has served as the most important transport route in Central Europe and the link between a region that is closely intertwined historically and culturally. Merchants, settlers and missionaries used this connection between East and West in the early Middle Ages, when new principalities and kingdoms developed along the Danube. Crusaders and pilgrims on their way to Byzantium and the "Holy Land" followed the course of the Danube, as did Hungarian, Habsburg and Ottoman armies. For more than 500 years, it served as the unifying bond of the Habsburg Danube monarchy - a "road of emperors and kings" along which cultural-historical monuments of the eventful common history of a transnational "Danube Europe" are to be discovered.

Other cultural and nature tours along the entire Danube are offered by the travel agency Kastler. (

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Travel along the Danube in the footsteps of the Transdanube Travel Stories

In the course of the INTERREG project Transdanube Travel Stories, various trips of tour operators from the Danube region were created.

Individual cultural tour from Regensburg to Vienna (6-day bus tour)

Tailor-made itineraries for groups. Without minimum number of participants.
Bookable immediately upon request

Individual cultural tour from Vienna to Budapest (6-day bus tour)

Tailor-made itineraries for groups. Without minimum number of participants.
Bookable immediately upon request

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