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Travel along the Danube

Travel along the Danube

Rarely is a route more rich in history and scenic, as well as culturally interesting, than the journey along Europe's second largest river. What characterizes the Danube between Regensburg and Hungary and what you experience here is characterized by natural beauty, art, culture and architectural highlights, culinary and hospitality across four countries. Discover the Danube for the soul and explore the Danube region in a whole new way and expanse:

The Road of Emperors and Kings is a route where travel can take on a new meaning for them. An intense and profound experience of the cultural area that can enrich them and their lives in the long term. We therefore recommend traveling slowly, getting in touch with locals, experiencing the Danube with all your senses and taking sustainable travel routes for it.

On the following pages we have compiled for you the different possibilities for an individual trip, as well as an organized trip with selected tour operators.

Let yourself be inspired and surprised by your Danube journey.

These are the options they have to travel the road of emperors and kings:

... Organized trips with tour operators
... stories about traveling on the Danube - travel bloggers tell
... Cycling trips - individual and organized
... hiking on foot
... with the camper
... by car
... by train, bus and public transport

Memory list for travel planning
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