The Danube - Road of Emperors and Kings

The Danube journey along the road of emperors and kings, takes you past 6 historic cities and 9 world heritage sites along the route from eastern Bavaria to Hungary. You will pass 4 longitudes and 3 capitals and just as this route has been taken by emperors and kings for many centuries, you will hike, cycle or drive along the historical regions - accompanied by beautiful nature views and insights, follow the traces of the Romans at the Danube Limes, discover monasteries and castles and discover much about the Habsburgs and other ruling dynasties, perhaps you will even meet nobles of today.

For each region we have compiled the highlights for your travel planning - but beware - do not miss to look left and right, to make a detour, to get to know the country and its people, to taste the delicacies and to enjoy a sip or two. This way you will get to know the Danube with all your senses and experience what makes the Danube region so special.


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