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Vienna Ring Road

Vienna Ring Road

On the world's most beautiful boulevard, you will not only encounter many of Vienna's most famous sights - such as the Hofburg, the Museums of Art and Natural History, the State Opera House and the Parliament. Magnificent palaces, spacious parks and important monuments also line the "showcase" of the former Danube monarchy. Vienna's Ringstrasse is 5.3 kilometers long. Long enough to accommodate numerous monumental buildings constructed during the Historicism period from the 1860s to the 1890s. The buildings erected there - from the State Opera to the Museum of Art History - are now among the most important sights in Vienna. "It is my will ..." - With these words, Emperor Franz Joseph ordered the construction of the Ringstrasse in 1857. Aristocrats and upper-class citizens rushed to build the most pompous palaces possible along the magnificent boulevard. Many of these former private residences can still be admired today (but mostly only from the outside). The style in which the buildings were constructed went down in history as the Ringstrasse style (a manifestation of historicism). It is characterized by stylistic pluralism: numerous architectural forms of past eras were imitated.

View of ring road and parliament
Ringstrasse © Vienna Tourism Christian Stemper

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