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The German Danube

German Danube

Between Regensburg and Passau, the Danube becomes a river that connects people. Already under Emperor Augustus, the river was of great importance as a natural border of the Roman Empire, the so-called "wet limes". The region is rich in towns and monasteries and was significantly influenced by the works of art of the Asam brothers. Regensburg looks back on 2,000 years of eventful history and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006. Thanks to its location on one of the most important trade routes to the east, Regensburg developed into the German imperial city par excellence: founded by Roman emperors, it hosted the powerful emperors Charlemagne and Frederick Barbarossa and was granted the dignity of a Free Imperial City by Emperor Frederick II. Further on, the Danube leads to Straubing, the old ducal city, whose city tower today as a landmark offers a wonderful view over the city and the Gäuboden. The lively town square, magnificent churches and the Gaeuboden Museum invite you to take a stroll through history. Where Vils, Wolfach and Pfudrach flow into the Danube, the "little three-river town" of Vilshofen lies picturesquely on the edge of the southern Bavarian Forest. On the pointed promontory between the Danube and the Vils, the narrow old town rises directly on the water like an island floating on the stream. Via Passau, the Danube finally leads to Austria.

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