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Regensburg - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Regensburg - UNESCO World Heritage

Situated at the northernmost point of the Danube, the city of Regensburg can look back on over 2,000 years of history. Finds prove that Regensburg was already inhabited in the Stone Age. In 179 AD, the Romans founded the legionary camp "Castra Regina", the camp on the River Regen. In the Middle Ages, the city on the river developed into an important trading metropolis due to its location on one of the most important trade routes to the east. In 1245, Regensburg became a free imperial city and became extremely wealthy thanks to long-distance trade. In 1663, the Perpetual Diet was convened for the first time and only ended in 1806 with the conquest of Napoleon and the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. Even today, numerous magnificent buildings in the Old Town bear witness to the prosperity and political influence that the city had in the Middle Ages and make it the best-preserved medieval city in Germany. In 2006, Regensburg's Old Town and the district of "Stadtamtsehenswürd" (City Office Sightseeing) included the Stone Bridge built in the 12th century, St. Peter's Cathedral, the only example of French Gothic architecture in Bavaria, and Thurn und Taxis Palace. The historic houses together with cozy street cafés and stores characterize the unique flair of the vibrant old town and give Regensburg the title of Germany's medieval wonder thanks to this combination of historic and modern.


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The world's only seaworthy river warship lies at the gates of Regensburg: the Roman galley "Regina". Anyone interested can take advantage of this unique opportunity to immerse themselves in everyday life on the late antique river limes with an oar in their hand. Trips are available for groups on request. More information here.

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