Metten Monastery Panorama(c)

Metten Monastery

Metten Monastery

Founded in 766, the Benedictine monastery of Metten played a decisive role in the reclamation, settlement and missionization of the Bavarian Forest. Its constant importance and size are evidenced by extensive building measures in all eras, most recently in the Baroque period in the first thirty years of the 18th century. The uniform late Baroque appearance makes one forget the Gothic core building, especially in the interior. Cosmas Damian Asam was commissioned for the high altar. The library with its rich stucco work as the seat of wisdom, the collegiate church and the prelate's garden are also worth seeing.

Metten Monastery is the starting point of the European pilgrimage route "VIA NOVA" (Latin for "New Way") between Bavaria and Austria, which has been open since 2005. The route leads over 260 kilometers to St. Wolfgang in Upper Austria.

The monastery also houses a nursery and a café that invites you to linger.



Benedictine Abbey Metten
Abbey St. 3
94526 Metten
Telephone +49 991 9108 - 0

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