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Three River's Conjunction Point Passau

Three River's Conjunction Point Passau

Three rivers from three directions meet at the Three River's Conjunction Point: Danube, Inn and Ilz offer a fascinating natural spectacle here. At the foot of the Niederhaus castle, first of all, looking downstream, the Ilz flows from the left into the Danube and shortly thereafter the Inn flows from the right towards the Danube. The play of colors is unique The water of the Inn, which rises in the Swiss Alps, is green. The Danube, which originates in Donaueschingen from the confluence of the Breg and Brigach rivers, has a blue-brown color. The water of the Ilz, which comes from a moorland, is black. A longer stretch after the confluence, the river, which from here on continues to be called the Danube, has all three water colors. It is clearly visible that the green water of the Inn pushes the water of the Danube aside.

Passau Three River's Conjunction Point © Hajo Dietz
Passau Three River's Conjunction Point ©Hajo Dietz

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