Benedictine monastery Weltenburg

Weltenburg - Benedictine monastery and church of St. George and St. Martin

One of the oldest Bavarian monasteries dating back to the 7th or 8th century is situated in a secluded location on a barren river terrace near the Danube gorge. The imposing complex is located in a narrow space between the river and Frauenberg with intact monastery buildings, a stately church and a flourishing garden behind fortified walls. The church, which was built in 1716 to replace a predecessor, is considered to be the first work of the Asam brothers, in which they jointly executed the entire project, architecture and interior design, sculptures and decoration, and introduced a novelty in Eastern Bavaria: the oval church interior, which they had learned about in Rome. They also played with an innovative, indirect lighting design: the dim church interior contrasts with the brightness of the dome shell, which appears almost unearthly in its brilliance, corresponding to the fresco of the triumph of the church.

Beneditinerabtei Weltenburg(c)ferienstrassen.info
Beneditinerabtei Weltenburg(c)ferienstrassen.info

Benedictine Abbey Weltenburg
Asamstrasse 32
93309 Kelheim/Danube
Phone +49 09441 204 0

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