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Palace of Arts (MÜPA) - Budapest

Palace of Arts (MÜPA) - Budapest

MÜPA, the Palace of Arts in Budapest, is one of the most modern Hungarian cultural institutions, especially because it is a venue suitable for several art fields at the same time, from opera to art nouveau, dance, literature, film, contemporary, classical, pop, world and jazz music.

The MÜPA institution, which houses several art areas, consists of three main units: the central section, which houses the National Béla Bartók Concert Hall, the Ludwig Museum, which displays contemporary exhibitions on the Danube side, and the Festival Theater in the east wing. In addition, the building houses the rehearsal rooms of the National Philharmonic Orchestra.

Budapest Palace Of Arts (MÜPA) Kl(c)visithungary

Palace of Arts (MÜPA)
Budapest 1095, Komor Marcell u. 1.
Tel. +36 1 555 3000

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