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Passau lies at the confluence of the three rivers Danube, Inn and Ilz and borders directly on Upper Austria. For six hundred years, the city on the three rivers was an episcopal principality. After a town fire, Italian master builders created the baroque old town setting in the 17th century. To this day, high towers and picturesque squares characterize the cityscape. Winding alleys and romantic waterfront promenades invite visitors to take a stroll back in time. In the middle of the old town rises majestically the three-domed St. Stephen's Cathedral, where the largest cathedral organ in the world resounds. In addition, there are numerous sights such as the New Episcopal Residence, the historic City Hall, numerous churches and museums as well as a former monastery. The Prince Bishop's Opera House on the Inn Bridge is a unique early classicist building that graces the city. The Veste Oberhaus, one of the largest preserved castle complexes in Europe, and the pilgrimage church of Mariahilf tower high above the rivers. Various guided tours of the city on foot and the three-river tour by boat make it possible to experience the special magic of the city. Passau is not only the crossroads of national and international cycling and hiking trails, the city is also one of the arrival and departure points for Danube cruises to the Black Sea. With its charm and flair, Passau is one of the most beautiful and impressive Bavarian cities on the Danube.

Passau Three River's Conjunction Point © Hajo Dietz
Passau Three River's Conjunction Point ©Hajo Dietz

City of Passau
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