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Museum 1212 Enns

Museum 1212 Enns

In the new Museum 1212 Enns, a fascinating journey through eight centuries awaits you in eight rooms of Ennsegg Castle. Impressive original objects, modern presentations, multimedia stations and room displays allow you to take a look at history up to the present day.

The first part of the exhibition focuses on medieval Enns: a sightseeing flight along the city walls, a tin figure diorama depicting the meeting between the Austrian and Styrian dukes in Enns in 1186, the magnificent 15th century setting shields (Pavesen), the city charter from 1212, the oldest seals of the city and the keys of the city gates await our guests.

In the second part, you will explore those institutions that make it possible to live together in a confined space within a city. Early examples of religious art, the economic conditions, the Enns Danube Bridge from the 16th century and the now long lost world of the guild system are presented. The modern Ennshafen as a logistics hub stands for the present. Short biographies of selected people point to the wide-ranging cultural and social life up to the present day. Finally, the gloomy aspects of the history of the 20th century are addressed, whereby the reception of displaced and persecuted people in their new home Enns with the glittering world of Gablonz jewelry produced in Enns and exported all over the world gives a confident perspective.

The Museum 1212 Enns is an important part of the cultural and tourist offer of the city of Enns. A varied and informative walk through the history of the oldest city in Austria awaits you.

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