Göttweig Abbey © Göttweig Abbey Eveline Gruber

Göttweig Abbey

Göttweig Abbey

Baroque splendor high above the Wachau region

Göttweig Abbey was founded in 1083, handed over to the Benedictines in 1094 and rebuilt in its present, baroque sprawling form at the beginning of the 18th century according to plans by J.-L. von Hildebrandts. A World Heritage Site since 2001, today it not only attracts guests from all over the world, but is also a spiritual center in the heart of Lower Austria, supported by a community of about 45 monks.

In the museum in the imperial wing, visitors experience Baroque splendor, such as the monumental Imperial Staircase with Paul Troger's ceiling fresco from 1739, which is one of the most beautiful and largest Baroque staircases in Europe. In the adjacent Prince's and Emperor's Rooms, the monastery's art collections present annual special exhibitions. Like a sacred castle, the "Austrian Montecassino" south of Krems watches over the eastern entrance to the Wachau.

Göttweig Abbey © Markus Haslinger
Göttweig Abbey © Markus Haslinger

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