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Ennsegg Castle in Enns

Ennsegg Castle in Enns

Ennsegg Castle in Enns, Upper Austria, is a fascinating historical landmark that impresses visitors with its imposing appearance. It was built in the 16th century and once served as a fortress and residence of the Counts of Ennsegg. The castle is surrounded by a picturesque landscape and offers a magnificent view of the town of Enns. Those interested in history will be thrilled by the well-preserved Renaissance and Baroque elements that can be found in the castle. Nowadays, Ennsegg Castle is used for various cultural events, such as concerts, exhibitions and festivals. It also offers space for private events such as weddings and receptions. Visitors can explore the castle and immerse themselves in its fascinating history.


Castle Ennsegg
Castle alley 4
4470 Enns
Tel, +43 7223 82777


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