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Hungarian State Opera Budapest

Hungarian State Opera Budapest

The Hungarian State Opera is considered one of the most beautiful houses of its kind in the world. Co-financed by Emperor Franz Joseph and opened in 1884, since 1970 it has the best acoustics in Europe after La Scala in Milan and the Paris Opera. 16 statues of famous composers look down on visitors, including those of Beethoven, Mozart Verdi and Thchaikovsky. And Franz Liszt is not to be missed.

The Hungarian State Opera is an absolute highlight on the list of cultural experience sites in Budapest. The opera house of the Hungarian capital not only offers you the opportunity to enjoy musical masterpieces, the building itself is also an absolute feast for the eyes. There is no question that the Hungarian State Opera House (with a capacity of 1,300 seats) is a real feast for the eyes, both from the outside and the inside. The objectivity of this statement is supported by the fact that the British online magazine "The Telegraph" has chosen the State Opera as one of the most beautiful concert halls in the world. While the building on Andrássy Street is positively bursting with Hungarian neo-Renaissance pomp, the rich ornamentation also features some elements of the Baroque. No less fascinating, however, are the Italian marble panelling of the foyer, the four gigantic marble statues of the red-carpeted main staircase, the gilded boxes in the auditorium and the monumental circular ceiling painting by the famous fresco painter Károly Lotz. Wherever you look, you are surrounded by splendor and pageantry, perfectly underscoring the upscale atmosphere of operas such as "The Nutcracker," "Bánk Bán" or "Aida."

However, the State Opera is not the only place on Andrássy Street (which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site) with an upscale atmosphere

Budapest Hungarian State Opera(c)visithungary

Hungarian State Opera
1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 22
Phone +3618147277


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