Budapest Parliament(c)visithungary

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest

The construction of the imposing building according to a design by architect Imre Steindl took 17 years, from 1885 to 1902. An important stipulation for the building project was that only Hungarian raw materials were to be used for the construction of the Hungarian Parliament, only Hungarian craftsmen and manufacturers were to be entrusted with the construction work, and even only native plants of the Carpathian Basin were to be used for the decoration. These conditions were almost completely fulfilled, only the huge granite columns were imported from abroad. Regarding the style and dimensions of the building, it can be noted that the ground plan is Baroque and the facade is Gothic, while the ceiling shows Renaissance features. The wing, which is parallel to the Danube, is 268 meters long and at the widest point the building measures 123 meters. The tower of the dome is 96 meters high. The building has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Budapest since 1987.

Multilingual tours are available on the following topics:

  • The city side staircase XVII
  • The upper house chamber
  • The lounge of the upper house
  • The domed hall
  • The grand staircase
Budapest Parliament (c)visithungary

The Hungarian Parliament
Budapest 1055, Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3.
Tel. +36 1 441 4000

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