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Keplerhaus Linz

Keplerhaus Linz

The former home of Johannes Kepler is a place of dialogue between the sciences and the people and guests of Linz. The astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler lived in Linz from 1612 to 1627. Along with Galileo and Newton, he is one of the most important founders and representatives of the natural sciences and serves as the patron and namesake of the Kepler Salon. The so-called Kepler House is located at Rathausgasse 5. There the astronomer Johannes Kepler, who had lived in Linz since 1612, lived with his family in the house of the Linz citizen Altenstraßer from 1622 until his departure in 1626. Kepler completed his main work, the "Rudolphine Tables," here.

Today, the Keplerhaus is home to the Kepler Salon, a place for meetings and information. Here, knowledge transfer and research are made accessible and understandable in dialogue with experts.

Keplerhaus © Lukas Eckerstorfer
Keplerhaus © Lukas Eckerstorfer

Kepler Salon
Rathausgasse 5
4020 Linz
Phone +43-664-65 02 343

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