Asambasilica Altenmarkt

Asam Basilica of St. Margaret - Osterhofen

Asam Basilica of St. Margaret - Osterhofen

The monastery, founded between 1004 and 1007, burned down almost completely in 1701. The result of the disaster was the Baroque rebuilding of the monastery and church as a joint effort by leading artists of the time: first and foremost Johann Michael Fischer and the Asam brothers. To match the rank of the abbey, Fischer built the impressively large and light, clearly proportioned single-nave church with galleries. The nave is covered by a ceiling fresco by the Asam brothers with scenes from the life of the founder of the order; the chancel is dominated by an illusionistically painted dome - here one encounters mock architecture as a popular artifice of the Baroque. The result was an incomparable symphony of light and color, stucco and gold, movement and tranquility!

Osterhofen is located between Deggendorf and Passau.

Asambasilica Altenmarkt
Asambasilica Altenmarkt

Catholic Parish Office Altenmarkt
Main street 54
94486 Osterhofen - Altenmarkt
Phone +49 9932 659

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