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Aquincum Museum Budapest

If you want to experience history up close, don't miss the Aquincum Museum in Óbuda: Here you can walk through a huge, connected settlement from the Roman period, look at 2000-year-old monuments and ancient finds that are unique in the world, as well as admire relics of past eras in authentically restored buildings. The Budapest Aquincum is looking forward to seeing you!

Rome at Aquincum
Admire the world-famous organ of Aquincum and the breathtaking monuments of the Governor's Palace! View the fascinating wall paintings, the monumental sculptures as furnishings of the sanctuary, the magnificent fountain and the reconstruction of wonderful ornamental tableware carved from stone!

Mithras in Aquincum - the Symphorus Mithraeum of Aquincum
Dating back to Roman times, the Symphorus Mithraeum building has been restored by reconstructing the original structure and using historic building forms and materials to add a truly impressive new element to the cityscape. Take in the space and experience firsthand what life may have been like in a Roman city!

Thermae Maiores - two thousand years old wellness center in the heart of Óbuda.
For the ancient Romans, bathing was an integral part of enjoying life. For this reason, "wellness centers" were built early on, which, in addition to cleansing, also served the purpose of relaxation, recreation and exercise for ancient visitors. One of these is the so-called Great Bath or Thermae Maiores, which is considered Hungary's largest bath from the Roman period.

Tegularium - History from clay
Did you know that the technique of making bricks contributed significantly to the foundation of the Roman Empire's power? Discover where and how Roman bricks were made and used, and what the inscriptions on the bricks might reveal.

Exhibition room of Aquincum
View the archaeological finds of Aquincum from periods ranging from prehistoric times to the Hungarian land seizure chronologically arranged and themed! The unique collection includes about 1200 artifacts.


135 Szentendrei út, 1031 Budapest
phone: +36 1 250 16 50


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