The BaierWeinMuseum in Bach a. d. Donau

Bach on the Danube - Bavaria's smallest wine-growing region with the BaierWeinMuseum

Located east of Regensburg on the Danube, in Bach a.d. Donau, the museum documents 1800 years of winegrowing tradition between Regensburg and Wörth an der Donau. It is the smallest winegrowing area in Bavaria along the Danube with a cultivation area of about 4 ha and currently about 20 winegrowers.

The small special museum is located in a small press house from the 14th century. Here is documented how the viniculture in Old Bavaria from Roman times until today. A wine trail with the most important white and red wine varieties of the region, on information boards you learn a lot about viticulture and winemaking.

Baier Wine Museum in Bach on the Danube
Baier Wine Museum in Bach on the Danube

The BaierWineMuseum
Main street 1b
93090 Bach a.d. Danube


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Your experience in the vineyard
On offer are courses in vine pruning, guided tours of the museum, or help with the grape harvest in October!

Participation courses at the Baierwein Museum

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