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Ebelsberg Castle near Linz

Ebelsberg Castle near Linz

Ebelsberg Castle is located in the south of Linz. Due to its elevated position on the Schiltenberg, the castle can be seen from far above the city. The quadrangular, two-storey complex around a trapezoidal inner courtyard with its now smooth fronts no longer gives much indication of the former late medieval luxury of the Passau bishop's seat. Ebelsberg Castle gained military-historical significance during the Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon himself had pointed out the strategic location of Ebelsberg. In the course of the "Battle of Ebelsberg" on May 3, 1809, a fierce battle developed around the castle, which, like the market, went up in flames.
Today, you can experience the castle in the form of an escape room adventure.



SCHLOSS Ebelsberg
Ebelsberger Schloßweg 7
4030 Linz


City history of Linz - Ebelsberg Castle

Escape from the castle...  

Discover the historical adventure in the south of Linz: The Napoleon Escape Room at Ebelsberg Castle
Immerse yourself in a dark world full of secrets and intrigue. Experience an immersive live escape adventure in an original location with original props and breathtaking backdrops that will transport you back in time. Experience the past first hand and use high-end technology to sharpen your senses and find your way to freedom. Filled with tricky puzzles and challenges, our Napoleon Escape Room offers a unique combination of historical knowledge and teamwork. Test your skills, solve the puzzles and experience the thrill as the secrets of the castle and the Napoleonic era are gradually revealed.
Teaser video of the experience. Escape room booking by phone:+43 664 93375364


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