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Everything revolves around the river - In Deggendorf

About 50 kilometers northwest of Passau, the city of Deggendorf lies gracefully on the beautiful blue Danube. The river is virtually the lifeline of the historic and modern Deggendorf and, as an environmentally friendly transport route of the future, is not only the starting point of cultural development, but also the basis for economic cooperation. The port of Deggendorf, for example, is the only one in southern Germany to have a free port area, and the university, which is only a five-minute walk from the Danube, occupies a top position in the ranking of the Center for University Development. In addition, many sights, numerous recreational opportunities, a varied cultural and event program, good shopping opportunities and Bavarian hospitality make the city a paradise for young and old.

In addition, there is probably hardly any other city that has an altitude difference of 800 meters in its urban area. The location on the Danube and at the same time on the southern slopes of the Bavarian Forest makes it possible. However, a visit to the late Gothic town hall tower with its historic turret apartment already offers an excellent view of the town center and its 1000 years of history. The view sweeps from the early Gothic church of St. Peter and Paul over the burgher houses in the Art Nouveau style, along the wide market street and across the town squares to the baroque steeple of the grave church, one of the most beautiful baroque towers in southern Germany and also the town's landmark. Deggendorf's cultural quarter is also directly adjacent to the old town.

Deggendorf's leisure activities are virtually inexhaustible. Surrounded by the Bavarian Forest Nature Park, an extensive network of hiking trails through quiet and sunny forests allows you to enjoy the magnificent landscape and often offers breathtaking views of the Danube Valley and the mouth of the Isar River. For pleasure cyclists, Deggendorf is an ideal starting point or stopover along the Danube or Isar cycle paths, and the cozy inns and accommodations provide the appropriate rest. But also horseback riding, golf, fishing, water skiing, Danube boat trips and much more are at the top of the leisure program.

Deggendorf Luitpoldplatz © City of Deggendorf
Deggendorf Luitpoldplatz © City of Deggendorf

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