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St. Mary's Cathedral Linz

St. Mary's Cathedral Linz

The largest church in Austria is located in Linz - the "Mariendom" or so-called "New Cathedral". Wonderful stained glass windows adorn the cathedral, which was completed in 1924 and can seat 20,000 people. The sacred space is also fascinating. St. Mary's Cathedral is a haven of peace and an architectural masterpiece. Enjoy a view over Linz from the tower, or experience the fascinating view of the church interior at a height of 15 meters on a special guided tour of the church's accessible interior gallery. The tours are also excellent for children from 5 years and families.

A special highlight is the "stairway to heaven" on which one climbs the tower over 633 steps and has a wonderful view of Linz! Passing the impressive Rudigier Hall and the imposing ringing with the seven bells, you climb a new steel staircase through the tower to the uppermost stone balcony at a height of 112 meters.

Especially in 2024, the cathedral is worth a visit. For its 100th consecration anniversary in April 2024, a large celebration will take place, during which a new visitor center will also be opened. As this year also coincides with the 200th birthday of Anton Bruckner, special events will also be held here to honor the great composer, who wrote several pieces directly for the cathedral's rooms.


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Herrenstrasse 26
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