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L_NZ - Linz changed

L_NZ - Linz changed

At first glance a former industrial city, at second glance an exciting cultural metropolis: Linz is a city of culture, a festival hotspot and a natural idyll all in one. Linz has many facets that are waiting to be discovered. What you need to bring along on a visit is curiosity, an interest in special cultural experiences and the courage to enjoy. Because a short trip to Linz will bring new experiences and establish a friendship that will make this city unforgettable.

The city of Linz on the Danube has a rich and eventful history. Its origins date back to Roman times, when it was known as "Lentia". After Roman times, Linz flourished in the Middle Ages as a trading center and important hub on the Danube. The construction of Linz Castle and St. Martin's Church bear witness to this era. In the 13th century, Linz was elevated to the status of a city and quickly gained importance as a trading town.

Linz experienced a boom during Habsburg rule in the 16th century. The city became the seat of administration and the military. The Linz Palace Museums and the Baroque main square ensemble are silent witnesses to this era.

In the 19th century, Linz became the industrial heart of Austria. Danube navigation and the railroad connection contributed to the development. The city grew and gained economic relevance.

The period of National Socialism in the 20th century was characterized by darkness, as a concentration camp was set up here. After the Second World War, the city was rebuilt and became a modern cultural and economic center. Today, Linz is a vibrant city that combines its rich history with contemporary innovation and is internationally renowned for events such as the Linz Bruckner Festival and the Ars Electronica Festival.

Linz has been a City of Peace since 1986, UNESO City of Media Art, was European Capital of Culture in 2009 and describes itself as a CITY OF HEARING.

Living history in Linz

Linz has many experiences to offer that explore the city's recent history, contemporary art and culture. The Mural Harbor, for example, features oversized street artworks, and voestalpine stahlwelt presents one of the most modern steelworks in its own museum. At the Tabakfabrik, you can experience what it means when a new city district is created from an old industrial building with architectural appeal.


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Provincial capital Linz

Linz and the Danube

Visit Linz APP - Play through Linz! Solve quizzes, find Linz cakes, pass scavenger hunts and redeem collected points for discounts: The Visit Linz app provides an overview of sights, stores, pubs, hotels and events and is also a varied game app.

Adventure tours in the Linz Cathedral 

Contemporary History in Linz
The first half of the 20th century brought massive upheavals and changes in Linz's history. This period formed - in varying degrees - the basis for the city that presents itself to visitors today.
You can visit the Limonistollen air-raid shelter on an impressive guided tour. The Museum of Contemporary History at voestalpine Stahlwelt deals with the forced laborers of the time and is also very interesting.

Guided tours on foot, on specific topics, or with culinary and with the Segway. Contemporary history, Bruckner, Kepler and other exciting told and compiled.


Memory list for travel planning
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