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Baroque main square Linz

Baroque main square Linz

The center of the city is the Hauptplatz Linz, which is one of the largest enclosed squares in Austria with about 13,200m². In the center of the main square is an impressive 20-meter high column, which was completed in 1723. The column, made of white marble, is dedicated to the Trinity and was erected in gratitude for the disasters survived and for protection against conflagration, war and plague. As a marketplace, the main square soon helped the city of Linz to an economic boom. Even today, Linz's main square is still the venue for a variety of events and markets. Located near the Danube, Linz's main square is bordered by houses that have an important historical background and whose imposing facades characterize its appearance.

Main square © Alex Sigalov
Main square © Alex Sigalov

On Linz's main square you will also find the
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