On the main square (Fő tér) of Sopron, surrounded by the city wall, is the 58-meter-high fire tower, which is adorned on the side of the square with the Gate of Loyalty in memory of the referendum of 1921. At that time, the population had to decide whether Sopron should belong to Hungary or Austria.
This is not the only special feature of the square: It is also home to the statues of the Holy Trinity and one of the most famous buildings in Sopron, the Storno House, which has also hosted King Matthias Corvinus, Franz Liszt and István Széchenyi. On the site of Széchenyi Square (Széchenyi tér) to the south was once the Kétpék Lake (Kétpék-tó), in which, according to legend, bakers who did not sell bread of the right weight were dunked. Later, the lake was drained and trees were planted on the site of the lake, which István Széchenyi donated to the inhabitants of the town. Just a few steps away from the Fire Tower is one of the most valuable and famous monuments of Sopron, the House of Fabricius, whose inner courtyard is characterized by two-storey loggias and open staircases.

Also famous is the Benedictine Goat Church in Templom Street (Templom utca) is also famous. According to legend, the church was built from the treasure dug up by a goat, but in reality there is a murder case in the background. One of the murderers of János Büki was Henrik Geissel, who donated the money for the construction of the church tower as penance for himself or his family. The Old Synagogue is also worth a visit and offers an interesting permanent exhibition.

The city center is full of cozy cafes, and the Eggenberg House's Pflasterstein Children's Museum also offers an exhibition about times gone by for children.

Tour guides and organized adventure tours (from the Sopron Museum) can be booked.

Sopron wine region(c)visithungary

9400, Sopron, Szent György u. 2.
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