Gaeubodenmuseum Straubing

Gaeubodenmuseum Straubing

In its presentation, the Gaeuboden Museum, which sees itself primarily as a supra-regional collection point for the archaeology of the Gaeuboden in addition to the urban and cultural historical developments, follows a linear time line. This time line - prehistory and early history, Roman times, Bavarians, city history with sacred art and popular piety - corresponds at the same time to the guiding line. The richness of the Gaeuboden, the Danube basin between Wörth an der Donau and Künzing, caused by the wide loess areas, ensured that people from all epochs left behind rich cultural-historical material. Thus, the Gaeuboden Museum, with its collections from Straubing and the surrounding area, can present 7000 years of human history without gaps and in high quality.

A highlight of the collection is certainly the found Roman treasure, but here they also learn everything about the history of Straubing and even Bavaria.


Roman treasure Straubing(c)ferienstrassen.info

Gaeuboden Museum Staubing
Fraunhofer Street 23
94315 Straubing
Tel.: +49 9421 944 63 222

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