Celts settled here, Romans maintained a fort to secure the Danube border, the Wittelsbach dynasty re-founded the city in 1218. Here the Bavarian duke took a position between the powerful cities of Regensburg and Passau. From 1353 to 1425 Straubing was part of the Duchy of Lower Bavaria - Straubing-Holland. The town square in Straubing is dominated by the 66 m high town tower (14th century); opposite, the impressive town hall symbolizes civic presence. Its roof truss was badly damaged in a fire in December 2016. The ducal palace demonstrates ducal power. Here, against a historic backdrop, the Agnes Bernauer Festival takes place every four years. 200 people from Straubing play the tragic story of Agnes Bernauer, the daughter of a barber from Augsburg, who falls in love with the son of the Bavarian duke in 1432 and pays for the marriage, which is not befitting her status, with her death.

The Gaeuboden Museum is worth seeing, especially because of the Roman treasure from the 3rd century discovered in 1950. In August, the people of Straubing celebrate the traditional Gaeuboden Festival, the second largest folk festival in Bavaria.

Also worth seeing, the late Gothic parish church of St. Jacob and the baroque convent church of the Ursulines.


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