Budapest The Central Market Hall(c)visithungary

The Central Market Hall Budapest

The Central Market Hall Budapest

The Central Market Hall is one of the most important destinations for tourists visiting the Hungarian capital, and this is reflected in the range of goods on offer: there is probably no other market in the country with so many souvenir stores and Hungarian specialties. But it is also still a popular place among the locals, as it is not only interesting for tourists, but has also preserved its original function: It is still the market that provides the residents and inhabitants of the area with the largest selection of fresh goods directly from the producers. The basilica-like building was built from 1894 to 1897 according to the plans of Samuel Petz .

In the basement you will find special game meats, fish varieties as well as the best steak store in Budapest. Here you will also find hardware stores and a supermarket.
The first floor offers the essential market products: Vegetables, fruits, meat and bakery products. Of course, the vendors here also offer traditional Hungarian products: The shelves are bulging with salami, peppers, garlic, pálinka, wine and honey.

The upper floor - actually a gallery overlooking the whole scenery - is mainly dedicated to stores specializing in tourist attractions: Souvenir and gift stores. But not only the souvenirs are worth a visit to the gallery, but also the restaurants where you can try specialties of Hungarian cuisine such as lángos, Hortobágyi pancakes with meat and stuffed cabbage roll, to name a few.

Budapest The Central Market Hall1(c)visithungary

The Central Market Hall Budapest
Budapest 1093, Vámház boulevard 1-3.
Tel. +36 1 366 3300

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