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Museum Quintana - Archaeology in Künzing

Museum Quintana - Archaeology in Künzing

For anyone who is enthusiastic about the past, a visit to the Quintana Museum in Künzing is an absolute must: History is conveyed here in a unique and captivating way, especially to children. Numerous models and colorful pictures, as well as a life-size Roman centurion, bring ancient life back to life before our eyes. The museum is also a partner museum of the Munich State Archaeological Collection.

The archaeological finds around Künzing allow a journey through 7000 years of uninterrupted settlement history: As early as 5000 years before Christ, a first village community built a huge circular ditch here, which is interpreted as a calendar and cult building. From this time on, the traces of settlement do not cease: Via finds from a large Bronze Age burial ground and remains of the Celts, the arc stretches to the Roman fort, which protected the border at the Danube Limes here.

The discovery of a wooden amphitheater in Künzing is considered sensational. It has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage "Danube Limes" since 2021.

The museum is handicapped accessible.
The eBike charging station is located directly behind the museum.

Museum Quintana archeology Künzing (c)Museum Quintana
Museum Quintana archeology Künzing (c)Museum Quintana

Museum Quintana - Archaeology in Künzing
Osterhofener Street 2
94550 Künzing
Phone: +49 8549 9731 12


Museum Quintana
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