Engelhartszell Monastery

Engelszell Abbey in Engelhartszell

Engelszell Abbey in Engelhartszell

The monastery is the only Trappist monastery in Austria. It was founded in 1293 and has had a very eventful history. The monastery was founded in 1293 by Bishop Bernhard (Wernhart) von Prambach and settled by the Cistercian Order in 1295. As a daughter monastery of Wilhering Abbey, it thus belonged to the filiation of the primary abbey of Morimond. The collegiate church of Engelszell (built from 1754 to 1764) is an impressive rococo-style church. It is crowned by a 76 m high tower and is furnished with works of art by Johann Georg Üblhör, Joseph Deutschmann and Bartolomeo Altomonte that are worth seeing. Today, Austria's only Trappist monastery is known for its monastery liqueurs, Engelszell Trappist cheese and the new Trappist beer. Since spring 2012 - unique in Austria - beer has also been brewed at Engelszell Abbey. The varieties: Gregorius, Benno and Nivard.

Collegiate Church Engelszell © Hausberg
Collegiate Church Engelszell © Hausberg

Engelszell Abbey
Stiftstrasse 6
4090 Engelhartszell on the Danube
Phone +43 7717 8010

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