Imperial crypt(c)

Capuchin Crypt Vienna

Capuchin Crypt Vienna


Beneath the church and monastery of the mendicant order of Capuchin friars rest the remains of the rulers of that dynasty in whose realm the sun once never set. A tour of the Capuchin crypt leads through 400 years of Austrian and European history, from the Thirty Years' War to revolutions and the first ideas for a united Europe.

The greatest artists of their time designed the rooms, on the coffins diverse symbols of power testify to the imperial claim of the dynasty. Symbols of transience and faith reflect personal trust in God and humility before the Creator.

Ultimately, however, the human fates behind the offices, the triumphs and defeats are touching. The mortal remains of 150 personalities rest today in the Capuchin Crypt.

The Capuchin Crypt(c)

Capuchin Crypt Vienna
Tegetthoffstrasse 2
1010 Vienna
Phone +43 1 5129613 88

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