Fertőd Esterházy(c)visithungary Castle

Esterházy Castle

Esterházy Castle

A worthy "partner" of Schönbrunn in Vienna and Versailles in Paris, the Esterházy Palace in Fertőd, also known as the "Hungarian Versailles", was one of the most important cultural centers of Hungary in the 18th century. Today, the Baroque-style building complex is the main attraction of Fertőd. With its breathtakingly beautiful frescoes, sculptures and stucco work, it presents a real fairy-tale world. In its state hall on the second floor, Josef Ignaz Mildorfer's fresco "Triumph of Apollo" impresses curious eyes, and in one of the 126 rococo-style rooms of the palace, even Maria Theresa was a guest at that time.

Joseph Haydn was also the court composer of the palace, and a statue in the park is dedicated to him. The architectural masterpiece still plays an important role in cultural life: Many classical and popular music concerts are held here.

Our tip: Enter the puppet theater, take an exciting tour through the history of the theater or take a virtual walk thanks to the circular panorama presentation! Tickets and prices for tours of the castle can be found here.

Eszterhazy Castle(c)strassederkaiserundkoenige GG

Esterházy Castle, Fertőd - Hungary

9431 Fertőd, Joseph Haydn u. 2.
E-mail: info@eszterhaza.hu
Tel: +36 99 537-640

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