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Vilshofen with Schweiklberg Monastery

Vilshofen with Schweiklberg Monastery

The 1200-year history of the town of Vilshofen can still be felt in many places today. After the great town fire of 1794, the widely known master builder Franz Anton Glonner from Burghausen rebuilt the old town in the so-called Inn-Salzach style. Unmistakable for this style are the blind gables, horizontally closing front walls, behind which the roof truss is hidden. A striking landmark is the historic town tower, which was once used for fire observation. Today it houses the town gallery.

High above Vilshofen towers like a medieval fortified church the Benedictine Abbey Schweiklberg It is probably one of the most striking creations of Michael Kurz, a young architect from the Bavarian Forest. With the church of the abbey he realized one of his most idiosyncratic creations, which has a slightly neo-Baroque echo, inspired by Art Nouveau. The library, which is equipped with well over 40,000 volumes, is a haven of spiritual science. The abbey wants to have a beneficial effect especially in the mission in Africa, South America and Korea. Its own Africa museum shows its work.

Specialty: Healing herbs food: Schweiklberger spirit.
10 - 20 drops of this herbal essence on sugar, diluted with water or in hot tea have a fast and beneficial effect on nausea and exhaustion. Digestive for bloating and soothing for coughs and hoarseness. When used externally, the spirit is used undiluted to care for muscles and connective tissue. When rubbed on the forehead and temples, the spirit has a refreshing and soothing effect.

Schweiklberg Monastery @ Tourism Association of Eastern Bavaria
Schweiklberg Monastery @ Tourism Association of Eastern Bavaria

City of Vilshofen an der Donau
Town square 27
94474 Vilshofen on the Danube
Phone +49 8541/208-0

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