Sunrise Bogenberg aerial view(c)City of Bogen

Bogenberg District Museum - Bogen

Bogenberg District Museum - Bogen

The Bogenberg District Museum is located diagonally opposite the pilgrimage church. It was completely redesigned in 2009 and its permanent exhibition focuses on the Bogenberg and its rich history. What can be seen outside is explained inside in a varied and interactive way: the history of the pilgrimage and the Bogenberg, the sacred landscape, the stalls, the "beautiful view", etc.

The museum also contains the history of the Bavarian lozenges from the Middle Ages to the present day. This is because they originate from the Counts of Bogen - who had their seat of power here. In the 13th century, the Wittelsbach family adopted this diamond symbol in their coat of arms. The white and blue diamonds have remained Bavaria's emblem to this day - both in the national coat of arms and freely used as a logo.

The museum also offers guided tours of the museum, church and the surrounding area, an audio guide for the museum and the entire Bogenberg, as well as a wide range of educational activities for young and old. Changing special exhibitions on cultural-historical topics also enrich the offer.

Straubing Bogen District Museum(c)District of Straubing Bogen Kl
Straubing Bogen District Museum(c)District of Straubing Bogen Kl

Bogenberg District Museum
Bogenberg 12
94327 Bogen
Tel. 0160/97215810 or 09422/5786

Instagram: @museumbogenberg

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