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Boundless sounds

Enjoy music without borders along the Danube

The Danube Waltz

The Danube Waltz, actually "An der schönen, blauen Donau" (On the beautiful blue Danube) has become a cult and cultural treasure. Johann Strauss composed the waltz as a dedication for the Vienna Men's Choral Society. The Danube Waltz was finally premiered in February 1867 and was highly praised by the critics. The work enjoyed great popularity, as evidenced by the numerous reprints and adaptations for various musical instruments.

Anton Bruckner in Linz

But it was not only Johann Strauss who was inspired by the Danube. Another important Austrian composer of the time was Anton Bruckner. An entire concert hall was dedicated to him in Linz - the Brucknerhaus - with the world-renowned Bruckner Orchestra. With its dreamlike location directly on the banks of the Danube, the Brucknerhaus promises not only musical enjoyment but also great views of the "beautiful, blue Danube".

From classical to pop and rock

A journey along the Danube is a journey into different musical eras and worlds. In addition to classical music, current chart toppers can also be associated with the Danube region. Linz is home, for example, to the singer Christina Stürmer, who is well-known and successful throughout the German-speaking world, or the DJ Parov Stelar.

There are numerous other examples along the Danube and the Road of Emperors and Kings of past and present music highlights. No matter what style of music is favored, along the Danube there is the right music and the right concert for everyone.

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