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The landscape of the Danube region is multifaceted: in terms of its history, its importance as a tourist and economic area, and as a habitat for all of us. Due to the natural conditions, it simply lends itself as a region for enjoyment: For culinary and cultural pleasures as well as for our soul and our body. Exercise in this natural environment is simply good for us - often just a short walk, a short circular hike or a quick Nordic walking round with the dog is enough to "come down" at the sight of the Danube river and to be able to switch off for a very short time.

View of the Danube from the Nibelungengau Maria Taferl hiking trail.donau .com

However, for those who can stand a longer break and activity in nature, the Danube is also the right place. The local Danube landscapes offer countless hiking routes, tours and long-distance trails for every taste, for pleasure hikers and long-distance hikers - as well as for pilgrims, families with strollers or short-term excursionists in search of the perfect selfie for Instagram. Along the river, high up on steep tracks or in national parks with alluvial landscapes. And you don't always get up close and personal with the river on these routes: this privilege is reserved for cyclists on the Danube Cycle Path, who always have the sound of the river in their ears as they cycle. Hikers sometimes have to earn the pleasure and sight of the Danube: On paths and climbs that not infrequently lead through forests that only unexpectedly and suddenly then reveal the view of the Danube.

Danube hiking for all

The Austrian court official Joseph Kyselak crossed the Wachau on his way home from his walking tour through Austria in 1825. The court official was a persistent long-distance hiker, who published his experiences on his four-month hiking tour some years later as a writing: "Skizzen einer Fußreise durch Oesterreich, Steiermark, Kärnthen, Berchtesgaden, Tirol und Baiern nach Wien - nebst einer romantisch pittoresken Darstellung mehrerer Ritterburgen und ihrer Volkssagen, Gebirgsgegenden und Eisglätscher auf dieser Wanderung, unternommen im Jahre 1825" , so Wikipedia knows.

The interesting and funny thing about it also for us today: Kyselak had started - probably because of a bet - to immortalize his name at the intermediate stations of his wanderings, quasi with a "Kyselak was here", as we still know it today. However, he did it in 1825 and became a bit famous with it, until today - because some original "inscriptions" of him are still preserved - also in the Danube Region.


"Danube hiking" in day stages on the Wachau World Heritage Trail, as a multi-day tour with luggage transport on the Danube Trail, as a day trip with a stop at the vintner's or as a tour with "listening stations" such as on the Via.Carnuntum - "Danube hiking" is always possible. By the way, the Donausteig celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2020. THE long-distance hiking trail on 450 km can be walked in beautiful daily taps or on a multi-day tour. And the Wachau World Heritage Trail is now so popular that over 120,000 hikers are on the move here every year on a wide variety of tours. Even more tips for sporty and pleasure hikers can be found here:

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